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virginia beach ploar plunge
Oceanfront Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge in Virginia Beach

It’s that magic time of year when the most die hard of Virginia Beach ocean goers will brave the freezing cold February water for a good cause. Better than multiple cups of coffee, they will dash across the sand, abandoning common sense and that little voice of their mom telling them they will catch a cold. In fact, who cares. This is a bucket item you can mark off the list. And on top of that you get to visit the oceanfront. Here are a few questions, pointers, and observations about this event.

Where do I go for times, dates, parking and more information?

Here is a link to the Polar Plunge site

Polar Plunge Virginia Beach

Polar Plunge Virginia Beach

How much time do you spend in the water?

Run in, run out fast..

February “water sports” in Virginia Beach

February does not really have a lot of outdoor water events. It is not July. In fact I think this is the only winter month with a water event. Thus it will be months until you can, or want, to do this again.

What is the charity?

Your efforts are not in vain. Your sub arctic plunge or Atlantic Avenue “wind” sprint are contributing to a great cause. The proceeds go to the Special Olympics Hampton Roads to give a whole generation of young Olympians a chance to compete. Just remember that when you hit the water.

Are there any benefits of ice cold water?

Opinions vary. Some say they feel “alive.” Others just feel cold.

The Disclaimer

It is ice cold water. If you have any health condition. If you are prone to screaming. If you have a heart condition, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, bad knees, bad back, a cold, gluten allergies or anything else DO NOT GO IN THE WATER. It is really really cold. Iceberg cold. Freezer cold.

But what about that feeling of “being alive” I get when I jump into it?

It is great to have that feeling but it is your body going in to mild shock. Luckily, you can go in the water, scream, run, and support a great cause in the span of 5 seconds (give or take depending on how fast you run). One thing is assured. You will run out much faster than you ran in.

Do people scream when they are in Atlantic?

Oh yes…they scream

polar plungeWhy should I do the plunge?

Well it does support a wonderful cause and you are much better doing it in Virginia Beach than anywhere further North. I mean there are people who do this in Minnesota. I guess they never watched Titanic.

Should I bring a bathrobe instead of a towel to the Oceanfront?

Bring warm clothing, bring blankets, warm food, and warm beverages.

For the Landlubbers…

The four Miler

Moms, Athletes, Dads, Women pushing strollers..this is a great event to take place in the festivities without taking the plunge. Granted if you are pouring sweat after 4 miles a plunge in the ocean will cool you off real fast.

FYI Polar Plunges Beyond Virginia Beach

Not surprisingly, we are not the only area, or even country, that has a polar style plunge. Here are some fun facts about polar dunks in other countries

The name: Loony Dook
I am guessing “Loony Dook” is loony dunk or dock in Scottish. The Dook takes place in Scotland on New Years Day

The Name “Polar Bear Swims”

The name: Nieuwjaarsduik
The name Nieuwjaarsduik means new years dive. Held on New Years Day, thousands will dunk in the freezing North Sea

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